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A Whole Lotta Goodness®

So what is A Whole Lotta Goodness® all about? 

  1. Our super clean super healthy organic products with no added sugar, no added fillers.

All it takes is for the customers to taste it and the fear falls away and the love begins. We use the highest quality ingredients. For example our organic turmeric has 5% naturally occurring curcumin and we use the best cinnamon in the world, Ceylon cinnamon known for its superior flavour and enhanced benefits. Studies show that black pepper is essential for enhancing the absorption of curcumin. Video Link for Customers trying for the first time.


  1. Changing the lives of youth around the world providing scholarships to Magic Moments Youth Leadership Camps


Our purpose to distribute the product began when a young man shared his story with us in May 2016, of how a scholarship to a youth leadership program, transformed his life from being suicidal at the age of 13 to non-stop smiling after the program.

We believe every young life deserves the opportunity to bring to light their magnificence, helping to create future leaders for tomorrow, today. 75¢ from every pack purchase will go towards a scholarship for a young person in the local community where the product is purchased.


  1. Our commitment to support earth loving organic farmers.

We are sharing the love all the way from the farmers who day in day out put

their heart and souls into the land and plant the seeds of what makes this

possible. We love that we pay them a fair market price for the ingredients.

What does that mean? Sri Lanka has a challenge especially after the Tsunami

to compete with other countries offering ingredients up to 35% cheaper!  Our

choice is based on the highest quality of organic ingredients, commitment and

passion of our farmers, and positively enhancing the lives of families and